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Sherlock Holmes’ adaptation of How to Walk Like a Queen(by Charlize Theron)

BBC Sherlock + (some) significant dates. Based on this timeline.

Why did you never feel pain?

You a l w a y s feel it, Sherlock.


John and Sherlock Inspired Friendship Necklaces! 

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If god has a problem this is the team he calls to fix it

Dr. Gregory House - the physician

Dr. Cal lightman - The Lie detector

Sherlock Holmes - The Detective  

"Some fictional characters fictionally morn the fictionally death of a fictional character. I find myself mourning the fictionallity of him."

Congratulations, Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Emmy winning actor for Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock - His Last Vow!



the “f” word

Only the Holmes will say this word like it is a swear word.

Sherlock + Reactions to the things John said