Basically Benedict’s face doing things-Season 1 

"The chemistry of feelings" analysis

Sherlock Season 1 


Taking 4 episodes of Sherlock, basically frame by frame, I ended up with 97 caps of Benedict’s face doing …well, sentiment. I chose only the ones I considered “true”, because he fakes feelings a lot. I think a 5% margin of error is accurate for the truth behind my choices of feelings and emotions that went with each frame.

And top ten most recurring feelings and emotions starring Benedict Cumberbatch and his face in Sherlock Season 1 are:

1. Delight

2. Bafflement

3. Apperception

4. Amusement

5. Anticipation

6. Puzzlement

7. Apprehension

8. Satisfaction

9. Smugness

10. Compunction

And looking now at the numbers, between random caps and countless expressions, this top ten of “true” -as I call them- emotions seems so accurate and in line with the character the writers intended to create, that Benedict Cumberbatch will have my vote forever as one of the best actors out there.  

I’m curious about season 2. Very, very curious.

*As a note, my favorites were the depictions of: Enjoyment, Amazement, Enthusiasm, Sorrow, Chagrin, Compunction, Elation, Admonition. - here -

And two very nice and revealing comparisons between the way Benedict played Sherlock in the Pilot episode and then in A study in pink in the same scenes.-here and here-

For the individual individual frames and definitions:

Here you have The pilot episode.

Here you have A study in pink

Here you have The blind banker

Here you have The great game

So there, 97 pics of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

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